Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Baja 2006

Team Merrycone (less Skyking, who's wife won't let him out of the house due to the new baby) headed to Baja again for their annual Mexican throw down. Pilots attending were Stinky, Scooter, Skybrake, and G-Rob). Stinky got hooked up with a bad ass ride by the Hertz crew - a jet black Ford Expedition, so we rode around Mexico Jack Bauer style.

We flew our asses off for 4 days at San Antonio del Mar, stayed in the local roach motel, got the truck stuck, stranded GRob in the desert, and then had an awesome 2 hour sunset session at Torrey on the way back to the airport. We flew so much, no one really had time for pictures, but Stinky and Skybrake got tons of video. Here's a sample: