Thursday, February 16, 2012

Weekend Trip to Torrey Pines

The DN's and I (Jeff, Steve, Rob) too a quick trip out to Torry this weekend to fly and go to the supercross races. Great time, got to fly Friday, Saturday & Sunday and had press box seats at the Supercross races thanks to Christina at RoostMX.

Take aways from the weekend:

- The Geo 3 needs to be flown at the top of the weigh range... handled very poorly with the light weight harness and reserve. When I backed 20lbs of ballast into the harness, WOW! Completely different glider.

- The Geo has a great sink rate for a EN B glider; until you push the speed bar. Sucker drops like a rock on full bar.

- Fared harnesses make all the difference. Jeff was on the top of the stack all weekend and we didn't know if it was because of his new Alpina or the fared harness (Impress 3). So he switched gliders with Rob C (Rush 3) and was still on top of the stack, even with moving down to a EN B glider. The drag reduction of the fared harness is significant.

- Rush 3 vs Alpina - hands up, the sink rate is about the same, but the Alpina is faster and turns better. Since this was Torrey, the air was smooth, so it will be interesting to see how the Alpina handles in the mountains.

Given the weight issue that I have with the Geo, I need a smaller size, so the I have a Medium-Small Geo3 for sale. Ping me if you want a great EN B hike & fly wing cheap.