Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cali PG Trip

Stinky, Scooter and I just wrapped up a great PG trip in Northern Cali. I was already in Menlo Park for customer meetings, so I picked them up at the San Jose airport and we started off towards Dunlap. After stopping in Milpitas to introduce the MC's to the joy of In-n-Out Burger we noticed that the forecast was starting to look good at the Dumps.

A quick change of direction and 45 minutes later we were soaring at the Dumps for the reminder of the afternoon. After it got dark we stopped in San Fran for some sushi and then headed off for Fresno. The next day we drove to Dunlap, got to see Connie again and then had some really nice flights from one of my favorite sites in the US. The weather was worse on Saturday morning so we bailed on Dunlap and drove to the Owens Valley. Spectacular place with some awesome flying sites.

On Saturday, after some early morning sled rides we headed back to SF via Yosemite. We dropped Scooter off Sunday for his flight and then Stinky and I headed to Half Moon bay to play golf with some of my co-workers.

Our annual user conference is in SF this week and starts tomorrow, so I'm prepping for that now and wishing I was still flying in Dunlap.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Introducing Grant!

The new little one is here.... Grant Michael Reynolds was born last night at 9:29pm. Michelle and baby are fine and big sister Sophie is excited too!

More pics at

Saturday, March 24, 2007

40 Mile XC

Did a 40 mile XC from Warrior Field to Gerald's today. Lots of sink and not much lift, I was near full power the entire way, fighting a nice cross wind too. Trip took 2.5 hours and almost an entire tank of gas. Once I got to Gerald's and shut down the motor, I stumbled into a nice thermal and let me stay up and play for another 20 minutes. Bruce and Ron drove up from Warrior to fly and give me a ride back to my truck. (BTW, still loving the Addict!)

Here's the KMZ file of the flight, for review with Google Earth.