Monday, October 15, 2012

Ozone Ultralight 3- Mini Review

Received an Ozone UL3 in a 25M late last week. Incredibly light and small. 

I laid it out against a S swift 2 and a MS Geo3 - looks to be the same size and shape as a small Element 2.  The size of the risers is sick - so small, thin and light!

Photo comparison of the UL3 on the left, compared to a Swift 2 on the right, along with the light risers:

I put about 4 hours flight time on the UL3 last weekend at Torrey Pines. It was all ridge lift with the exception of one climb in the house thermal on the south side. Glide is better than expected and because I am light on the wing, I was usually the highest glider on the ridge.

My all up weight is 79kg and I was flying the 25M size with an Advance Lightness harness.

The good:
  • launching is a breeze... very stable overhead too.
  • very responsive, once you learn to give it quick, deep inputs
  • surprisingly good glide - a bit less that 7.5:1 but I think I am light on the wing.
  • typical smooth ozone handling
  • love the light weight and packing size
  • love the light brake handles - very comfortable, especially with taking a wrap.
  • very easy to make a flat turn, without the need of outside brake
The not so good:
  • the light risers are a pain in the ass to sort
  • no brake line snap - just some velcro that doesn't work well. will be modifying that.
  • glider seemed very slow (but I am coming from an A2/Swift2 as my usual wing)
  • the speed system requires a good bit of pressure to engage
  • weighshift is not that great, but once you get in a turn initiated, its easy to keep it in the turn without needing brake
Love the glider, but I think I am going to sell it and get a 23M. I got the larger size because I intended to use it for vol biv trips and wanted a better glide, but I think the 23 will be just fine and also give me a bit more speed for mountain flying where there are high valley winds.

Here is a quick video of a short flight in very light conditions at Torrey... I top landed after a single pass rather than risk a hike up from the beach.  

UL3 First Flight from Rob Reynolds on Vimeo.