Monday, August 17, 2009

Sunday Flying - Grindelwald & First

Today we flew off the backside of Mannlichen, an extended sled ride to the LZ in Grund. From there we took a quick train ride to Grindelwald and a short hike (uphill, as always) to the bahn to First.

First rocks! South facing, lots of room, nice grass launch and thermal triggers everywhere. We all had good flights and got very high. The goal was to get really high and jump over the back and land in Interlaken. The strong west wind made the difficult. Jeff and I had no chance and landed back at Grund. Rob was skyking and got plenty high but took pity on us and landed at Grund too.

We hung out at the bar on the bahnhoff a bit too long ("just one more beer") and missed the last train over the top of Mannlichen so we hand to take the long route - 2 hrs home. Another great day and the Joungfrou region is the place to be for paragliding.

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