Monday, June 25, 2012

Switzerland - Just a little taste!

We all made it to Switzerland - Jeff, Rob, Steve and I.  Today we took the train from Wengen to Niesen to fly this famous mountain site.

The valley winds were strong and we should have stayed in lea in front of launch.  We didn't.  Everyone had good flights but the landings in the valley were interesting.  Rob and I landed at the official LZ in a howling valley wind and lots of thermic bumps.  I was on full speedbar until about 6ft above the gound and barely penetrating.

Jeff and Steve landed in a tiny field near the train station.  They were about 2 miles up the valley and the winds were not as bad for them.  Rob and I got a nice workout hiking to meet them.

Looks like its gonna be a good week!

Sample from today's flying:

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