Saturday, October 19, 2013

XC Postponed due Rain Delay

Well, our intent today was to fly from Bessemer to the Old Baker Farm off highway 280 in Harpersville, a nice 42 mile XC.  I dropped my truck off there yesterday in preparation.
Laps at Bessemer

Curtis and I meet at 8:00 at Bessemer and the sky did not look good.  The forecast rain for later tonight was here...there were patches of clouds dropping a bit of rain but there looked to be an open area to the west.  We hung out for half an hour and watched the sky.  It looked iffy but potentially do able, so I launched to sample the air.

It was not too bumpy but while I was flying I could see more rain on the way, so I landed and we called it a day.  Dropped my car and gear at the house and Curtis gave me a ride to get my truck.  He also learned an important Rob lesson - when I am headed into the gas station and ask "do you need anything?" -  you better speak up.  Don't be mad I didn't get you a roady just because I got myself one - I asked.  ;)

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