Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Winter Flying.. well, not really.

The harsh reality of winter is upon us here in Central Alabama.  Fall stretched until mid November, but after my last brief flight on November 11th, the cold and rain arrived.  4 straight weeks of it.  After a month of not flying, I was going stir crazy. 

Last Thursday I had an hour break between conference calls and managed to sneak out to Bessemer for a quick 17 minute flight in the cold.  Curtis and Mark joined me.  Curtis flew off around the local area as I was landing and Mark expertly piloted his lawn chair while sucking down Bud Lites.

I have managed to get a total of 4 flights and just over 1.4 hours on the Geo 4 demo wing.  I think its a great beginner to high intermediate wing.  I need to write a comprehensive review, but the short story is = good wing for motor and free flight.  Easy to launch and land, killer glide and very stable.  I've got a couple more folks that want to demo it then I'll be putting it up for sale soon at an attractive price.

It's Tuesday as I wright this, and after another weekend of cold and rain, we have had 2 days of awesome weather.  And I'm stuck in the office working.    Looks like this weekend will be a repeat of the last 4.

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