Sunday, September 15, 2013

Greetings from Madrid

It's 2am and I'm in a Hilton near the Madrid airport.  Just watched Bama beat Texas A&M via internet and I'm too pumped to sleep.  My flight home departs in 5 hours so I'm trying to wind down my posting a few last thoughts on the week.

Here's my final observations:

St. Andre is a FANTASTIC flying destination.  Easy logistics, nice flying site and plenty of options for XC routes. - Mark and Elena are fantastic hosts and have a beautiful property.  I highly recommend contacting them for any accommodation needs if you are planning a vacation to St. Andre (flying or not).  They have several single rooms and 3 different gites (apartments) for rent as well as grills, fire pits, a media room with big screen TV, and Mark will likely want to host a dinner a night or two.  Take him up on it, he's a fantastic chef.  Just refrain form taking him up on the second bottle of Lemoncello.

Nigel C
Nigel & Carol Cooper are great friends we made in St. Andre.  Nigel can hook you up with lifts to launch, flying advice or advice on other outdoor activities.  He is a dedicated climber and cyclist and knows all the good local flying spots.  He also manages some rental properties too, should Fly St Andre be booked. They also own the smartest dog in the world, Merlin.

We all had a great week and I can't wait to come back next year.  Jeff and I intend to try some vol biv next year!

I leave you with some final pics:

Fly St. Andre from the air.
Another view of Fly St. Andre

Can't beat your own personal LZ

Merlin the Wonder Dog

Jackie & Werner - Jackie happy he survived another round of acro

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