Friday, September 13, 2013

Last Flying Day of the Trip

Someone partied too much last night.
Our last day for flying and it was beautiful.  I woke up feeling a bit nauseous, likely the results of the previous nights partying.

Condition were great and we all launched around noon.  There was plenty of lift but after about 45 minutes my nauesa was getting worse so I bailed and headed back to the farmhouse LZ.  I landed, promptly puked and felt 1000% better.  I spent the rest of the afternoon sorting gear and packing.

Everyone had great flights and landed back at the farmhouse.  Later in the afternoon Jeff and Werner wanted a last sled ride so that Werner could test out the LM5 some more.  Since I had already packed up my gear for travel, I ran the shuttle up the hill for everyone.

Werner testing the LM5
Werner put the LM5 thru its paces over the LZ, stalling, spinning and slinging the glider all over the sky.  Once all had landed we headed into town for pizza and beers.

I'm headed out early in the morning to make a noon flight to Madrid where I will overnight before heading back to the states.  Jeff and Werner are planning on getting up early for "one more sled ride".  Jeff wants to say he flew everyday of the trip, even the departure day.

Celebrating a great week with beers & pizza!

This has been one of our best trips to the Alps so far.  Even though we had some weather challenges, we did manage to fly everyday for 8 days in a row.  Something we have never accomplished before.

Off to bed then 2 days of dealing with airports.  At least I have an upgrade on the ride back across the pond.

Nice landing
Steve being Steve

Outlaw PG pilot?  1%er?

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