Friday, September 06, 2013

Vive la France!

Well, I finally made it to Nice.  Quick post here from my cell as I wait for bags.  Got into Madrid early and cleared customs in record time - enough time to make the earlier flight, which was WIDE open... not even 10% full according the the seating chart on Iberia's website.

Long story short, Iberia customer service sucks.  Rather than move me to the earlier, wide open flight and thus freeing up a seat on the SOLD OUT afternoon flight - they decided they would rather try to extort 1100 euros out of me to change my ticket.

The lady kept repeating that my ticket was too cheap.  "You have the cheap ticket".  Guess what lady, your company sold it to me.  Not sure she understands how the airline industry works but if you have a customer wanting to trade a high demand seat for a low demand seat, you make the swap and your company profits.

So I spent the day in the Madrid airport, drinking the local brew, eating ham sandwiches and catching up on emails.   Its almost 5pm here now, looking forward to getting on the road to St. Andre.  Jeff and Steve arrived this morning and got some flying in already, so I am behind!

Never again Iberia.  Never, ever again!

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